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Martes, 29 Noviembre 2011 09:08

The Principle for Setting Up the Chikung (En Ingles)

Chikung setting up¡If we regard the 25 dynasties of China as composing the foundation, pillars, and wall of this "Red Chamber", then the Tao of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism refers to the naturally-decorated garden and the solemnly-designed altar, and chi will then be the eyes of the dragon and the spirit of the mountains.


¡Ever since the first written historical document appeared in China, the concepts and way of practice for chi have been written on many scripts, tablets, and blessed ornaments. From the founding spirit and the cultural development of the Hsia Dynasty (the first recorded dynasty), we can see patterns of how chikung work. The first emperor of the Hsia dynasty Yu is famous for his method prevent the flooding of major rivers in China . From his experience and sincerity in opening up the blockages, his diligence and dedication to obtaining self-knowledge, and his way of diverting and linking tributaries of the rivers to reduce the risk of flooding, he set up the self-perfection way, and the spirit of Chinese culture in overcoming natural disasters while developing the culture on a much more harmonious principle.

¡His spirit of "sincerity and self-perfection" is also the attitude which is revealed in the hexagrams of chien and kun of the I Ching. . This demonstrates the force which heaven and earth use to interact with each other. The first level of the chien hexagram ("diving dragon does not act") means we have a lot of preparatory work to do before we are able to advance. It is the foundation and back up of the fifth level ("flying dragon in the sky"). The fifth level means one's freedom has to be gained through numerous difficulties. The first level of the kun hexagram ("hard ice accumulates from layers of frost") means our wisdom of insight is built up by different types of experience, trial and error and the open mind of receptivity. This level is also the backup for the fifth level of the kun hexagram ("attaining the perfect harmony and balance").

¡In other words, the combination between our body and mind, the interplay of forces between yin and yang, the training of a perfectly healthy body (a balanced spirit), an enlightened mind, and free spirit will be the most important way of learning to perfect our self. If we are tempted to use a short cut which violates the above principles merely to reach the mysterious world of inner experience before we are prepared for it, we will develop the deviation which will results in a state of "remorse dragon".

¡We can liken the use of short cuts in chikung practice to athletes who use steroids to pump up their muscles: both have bad side effects. If we are looking for a quick sensory fix and attend two-day workshops in chikung, we will find that our practice has been severely limited by the blockages, distractions, and rigid methods we learn there.

Author: Michael Chung